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[07 Dec 2010|06:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]

two things happened as i left the library that reminded me of how the simple things people do or interact with you can really make a person's day.

as i was checking out some books on knitting and some reading book, the older woman talked to me about knitting. she was super kind and she had a look of hope in her eyes. she asked me about my mittens knitted by sarah and she reminded me that being paranoid to be in public is silly.

i walked into the cold, all bundled up and with my books huddled close. i was alexis from the theatre and we talked for a bit. i don't know why, but it was just really nice.

tonight i am reading, working on church slides, drink diet coke and eating a day old sandwich, a banana and apple slices.

i feel okay right now.

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