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ocean waves.

as first day of classes go, today was one of the best that i can remember.

things that made today a wonderful first day:
1. getting all the paperwork turned in so that i can officially call myself an art graphic design major.
2. filling out my paperwork for panther catering
3. getting to all my classes on time
4. FINDING all my classes
5. getting up before my alarm
6. coming home and finding my secret santa gift waiting for me in the mail box
7. feeling at peace

i'm taking speech this semester (as if i don't know how to give a speech...especially when i did speech competition...geeze). my teacher is a riot. i swear. i could write a book on her.
and the fact that her name is muriel just cracks me up.
at first i thought i was going to dread speech...but in all honesty, i think i'll end up enjoying it. all because of muriel.
"it's not that i don't like charleston. it's that i like other places better."

i'm feeling good. it's a feeling i haven't felt in a long time. and i like it.

i'm just yearning to learn. i haven't been this interested in school in i don't know how long.

i've heard it said that beginner's minds are the most wonderful .
and i think i truly believe that statement now.
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