kaitlyn. (artistabella) wrote,

this will be a better year.

today has given me no reason to complain yet.
i've turned in a project for both my 2D and my 3D class. each turned out pretty well.
i feel like i'm so much more in love with this major than i ever was with theatre.
my feelings for what i'm doing feels so raw and real. i'm learning how to cut properly with an x-acto knife, how to glue bristol board to foam core, how to make line, circles and curves in illustrator. i'm learning all this stuff i've honestly been yearning to learn. i feel excited about going to class, about reading for art history, about finishing a project.
this feeling is so renewing.
i know i'll never be the greatest at this. and i'm not going to strive to be the greatest. because that's what i did with theatre. i strived to be the adsm, to be the most organized at it, to be better than everyone else.
i just wanna be the best me. not better than everyone else, but just a better me.

my heart is going through so many emotions each day.
steven told the sweetest and most romantic thing last night. it made my heart melt and my eyes, mouth and face just kept smiling as i went into dream land.
but just everything that is happen almost feels like too much. at least too much for me to handle.
sometimes writing "ad;lfkjaewo;ijr;lzskdvja;lewijrf;djszfL:KJfSLDFK" explains exactly how i feel.

i really need to pee, but the maintenance guys are replacing our water heater, so i guess i'll just have to wait.
plus i'm in pajama pants, and i don't feel like strutting my stuff around them.

i'm so different than who i used to be.
i'm slowly learning how not to take people's shit anymore.
it feels good to stand up for yourself.
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