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i've needed more than a week. i need months.

i miss those poetic words that used to flow so freely from my mind.
there are times where i'll have a line there, a few words here and a verse that i'm running towards on the other side of the room.

i keep telling myself to get organized...and then, i don't.
things are so much easier when i'm organized.
maybe it's because i procrastinate too much.
next week.

in other news, two most wonderful things have happened to me in my life.
one. God.
i have been missing him so much. that strong and wonderful relationship i used to have with him had been gone.
i threw it away along with my values and beliefs.
i let myself fall and i had forgot to turn to the lord when i needed him most.
sarah brought me to church with her for dinner one night. and i had found the community i had so longed for.
all i needed was for someone to say, "hey, come to church with me."

two. wonderful Andrew.
he is the most wonderful boy ever.
he treats me ten times better than alex ever did. he is so loving, caring, attentive, and he wants to be with me. on the plus, we grow stronger in our relationship with God each day.
i've never been more in love with someone.
the most wonderful thing is that we are still learning so much about each other and we are always laughing and smiling.

we just got our washer fixed.
i need to wash my work clothes.
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