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this morning, sarah, her andrew, my andrew and i went to this different kind of church called salisbury. non denominational and quite contemporary. i liked it. it wasn't bad or anything, and the message was really great.
whenever i'm in a new setting, i always look around me and try and view the people who i'll be spending the next hour, few minutes or whatever length amount of time with. as i was surveying the crowd, i saw a father with his young daughter (or so i assumed that was the relationship of these two people). now i'm not sure if she had a mental disorder or not, but as i studied the two of them, it seemed that she had something. as we were clapping along to music, he would encourage her to clap along with and then he would turn and smile to her. the smile that he gave her was so loving and had so much care behind it. he gave her a hug and turned back to sing. she tapped him on the side and gave him the most genuine hug.
the love that was between this two was so remarkable.

i think that incident will be one that will forever be embedded into my memory.
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