kaitlyn. (artistabella) wrote,

things that are on my mind

  • i don't like myself. physically and mentally. i don't want to change, i just am longing to be a better me.
  • i miss my boy. sometimes, i wish the world could just be the two of us.
  • i hate that i have to live in 2002 12th street again this next year. i honestly think that my living situation this past year made me want to get away from theatre.
  • i know i can do better
  • i forgot that i had your facebook status updates sent to my phone. my heart wrenches a little bit when i see your name there. you never really cared that much, did you?
  • i love this house. the familiar smell. the familiar noises. everything.
  • i don't want to grow up. i think i have peter pan syndrome.
  • i wish i was staying in mahomet this summer instead of charleston.
  • i should have taken time to stop at that crosswalk to make sure the girl wasn't going to turn on red. then, my knee wouldn't be screwed up.
  • i need to form better habits.
  • sufjan stevens is everything i love about music.
  • i constantly wonder why i am always tired.
  • i really do believe something is wrong with me.
  • i love how much andrew really loves me. this man is so special to me. and he can almost see the real me. almost.
  • is it weird to say that i believe he is the one? i find myself having no doubts about him. i'm not settling. not like i did with alex.
  • i am constantly trying to organise my life. it never is organised.
  • i've always liked list.
  • can i really improve this summer? or will it be like every other time? 
  • i like that i have jesus. yes, jesus loves me.
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