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i know i haven't written in here for a long time.
but i need to write in some where i can get all my thoughts down.
maybe not all, but at least this one for now.

i love tanner.
he's a typical guy and doesn't know what to do when it comes to consoling me if i'm upset.
and that's fine. i just have to remember that and not get upset by that.

but i don't like how things got turned around and i ended up feeling like the bad guy.
that makes me more upset, to be honest.
i can't stand hurting people. i just took a personality test and we've been talking about this very thing.
i'd rather sacrifice myself getting hurt than to let those i care about be hurt.

someday this is going to kill me.

i am terrible at long distance relationships.
but i love him with practically everything i've got. i wouldn't go through all this if i didn't feel this way.
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