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swaying grass

almost as soft as fur.

22 August 1989
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my boyfriend is peter pan
i am the keri smith of livejournal.

i sometimes pretend i'm in a whole other place than where i am.
i also think that i was born in the wrong decade.
my middle name is jean, which i find weird, but my parents seemed to like it.
i'm a college kid at eastern. that's pretty rad.
i enjoy sitting in my room, reading kurt vonnegut and listen to the big band play on my aol radio.
i like believe i'm an artist. because, well, i am one of many sorts.
i'm a theatre major.
also a english major.

i'm in love with photography. i find it to be the best way to express myself.
i'm in love with broadway musicals and everything that comes along with it.
i'm an avid drinker...of jones soda. if i had more money, i'd buy more jones soda
all of my friends are amazing. and if your reading this right now, it means you mean something special to me.
i'm pretty bad at taking a compliment. please know that if you give me one, i really do appreciate it.
giraffes are my favorite animal.
cause i wish i was tall like them
except not as tall.
my favorite flower is the daffodil
i constantly want to help people. you'll find that i think everything is my fault. i know this isn't the case, but deep down inside i feel as if i'm responsible.
i'm loud, which isn't always a good thing.
but not always a bad thing
theatre is my life.
i want to marry kurt vonnegut, tim burton, eric whitacre, and quentin tarantino
i love their minds.
i believe awkward moments define you.
and i'm also just wanting some form of acceptance

oh yes. this is me.